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Anonymous asked: I love you

I love you tianna.


The perfect girl..

Tianna Rharlie Walsh, she’s my girlfriend. She is perfect in Everyway and I seriously can’t think of anything wrong with her she’s just perfect, she always helps everyone out and never let’s anyone down and is there for me no matter what.I’m lucky enough to call her mine.. But being the fucking idiot I am, I lied to her, and it broke her trust that she barely had for me jn the first place due to me being a fucking idiot and not realising I had the perfect girl. I honestly can say I hid things from her because I didn’t want her to be upset with me and what I had done, but now I realise that no matter how bad it is you need to tell the truth and be honest from the start.. The feeling I get waking up and knowing that this perfect girl is mine is next to none, she makes me so happy and really does make my life better just seeing her smile or hearing her voice.. Working away and only coming back on weekends has been really hard and I wish and wish that it didn’t have to be this way, but we have both kept strong and made it work.. Until I fucked up again and hurt her really bad to where she doesn’t know what she wants to do with me, and it breaks my heart to know that could do that to someone I love and care about so much and is a huge part of my life. It kills me, to a point I really don’t care about weather I live or die.. I know that’s bad but it’s really how I feel, I woke up the next day feeling gutted and felt like a mess. I can’t lose this girl she is the most beautiful kind caring. If hearted girl in the world and she makes me feel warm and fuzzy when I see her. We are still together after I begged for forgiveness and made sure it will never happen again, I can only hope she can feel the same way about this whole thing because I have already planned my life and having a family with her.. I love you so much Tianna Walsh.



the documentary about this whole thing is so good

i think i just read the saddest story ever???

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